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SimonTupper is an award-winning documentary and advertising photographer.He's been delivering photography projects for respected UK andinternational brands for over 12 years in more than 40 countries. Hisunique style mixes the technical quality of studio shoots with therealism of street photography, enhancing seemingly everyday sceneswith a deep understanding of the texture of light. A life of shootingdocumentary projects has made him comfortable in challenging andunfamiliar locations, both alone and with a large crew, and workingwith people who are not professional models but have an interestingstory to tell. He has a first-class honours degree in photography andlives in London. On a boat.


Asda | Commonwealth Telecommunications Association | Direct Line | Elle Travel | European Journalism Council | Heathrow Express | Hilton | The Idle Man | LinkedIn | Matches Fashion | Moneysupermarket | NBA | Nodus | Office | Random House | Unilever | Waitrose | Wickes | World Challenge Expeditions


Nominated, Prix Pictet 3rd Cycle

Shortlisted, Travel Photographer of the Year

Shortlisted, A.O.P Student Awards

Shortlisted, Fujifilm Student Awards


Part of 'Rising Stars' exhibition at Coombe Gallery, Dartmouth

'Free Range' graduate show group exhibition at Truman Brewery, London

'Tree of Life' exhibition at Marine Biological Association, Plymouth

Images featured in AOP 'Best of the Awards' exhibition at AOP Gallery, Leonard Street, London

Graduate group exhibition at AOP Gallery, London

Graduate group exhibition at Plymouth College of Art and Design

Images featured in AOP Student Awards exhibition at AOP Gallery, London

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